Some Things You Should Know About LED Sports Lighting

by George Pizzo

Sports venues and stadiums are large venues where sporting events are usually held. They typically require specific types of lights. Note, LED sports lighting is the latest lighting technology applied in this industry. A lot of sports stadiums have installed LED sports lights. In this post, we discuss the basics of LED stadium lighting.

Some things you should know about LED sports lighting

Before you consider getting or purchasing LED sports lights, you may want to understand the following important information about this type of lighting. Below are some of these things:

What are stadium lights?

Stadium lights are powerful lights mounted around a sports center or venue. They are usually mounted on tall infrastructure or fixtures to allow maximum illumination of the entire sports stadium. Their installation usually features small beam angles, which also allow for the lighting of the whole venue.

Where are stadium lights installed?

The first thing you should know is that one sports stadium can feature up to hundreds of lights. The lights can be mounted at varying heights. The position usually depends on the venue and the quantity of lighting required. The height at which they can be mounted can range between 25 feet to 60 feet. Most of the time, they are mounted at 40 feet. However, on rare occasions, they may be mounted at 25 feet.

How are stadium lights installed?

Stadium lights are usually installed on tall fixtures. They are typically constructed from sturdy materials. The materials chosen are generally determined by the weight and features of the lights. The beam angles are a significant part of the installation. The beam angles of the different lights are determined by the intensity required. Naturally, the angles range between 12-60 degrees. Smaller angle beams are used in instances where higher light intensity is needed. The smaller angles allow light to reach the ground despite being elevated.

Why is LED stadium lighting an incredible choice?

LED lights make the perfect choice for stadium lights because they are durable and they provide quality lighting. LED lights are the cheapest type of lighting in existence. Stadium lights usually consume a lot of energy. The fact that they are generally very bright and so many fixtures have to be installed makes the energy consumption even higher. LED lights help stadium managers reduce their lighting or energy costs significantly because of their energy-efficient elements. For this reason, LED stadium lighting is the best option.

How bright are LED sports lights?

LED stadium lights usually start at a brightness of 60000 lumen and above. The choice of brightness usually depends on the size of the venue and the number of fixtures. For instance, if you are looking to install many lights, you do not need all of them to be highly bright since they complement each other.


LED stadium lights are essential for any sports venue because they offer numerous advantages. For instance, they provide visibility for both players and fans. They also allow for quality broadcasting of the games and deter criminal behaviors.

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