How Different Are Indoor and Outdoor Sports Lighting

by George Pizzo

Does it come across to you how sports arenas come up with such grandiose sports lighting? Whether you watch your favorite games on TV or live in the said event, you can’t help but think about how that lighting effect was too impressive and well thought of.

High budget sports events take a lot of time spent on planning, organizing, designing and coming up the most creative ideas to pull off the best show each game. A game wouldn’t be too exciting or thrilling without the best lighting effect possible. Whether the game is held indoor or outdoor, the perfect lighting matters.

Did you know that there are two types of lighting? It’s indoor and outdoor sports lighting. Let’s talk about how they are different from each other and what are the requirements for each setup.

Indoor Sports Lighting

Planning, designing, crafting and installing indoor lights is a whole lot of work. It has to be the latest and highly efficient lighting setup to support every indoor sport. As we all know by now, there are different kinds of indoor sports and each one of them has a separate requirement to support the needs of the venue. It has to be suitable for the type of sport and what the movements or object must be shown or highlighted to the audience.

Say for example when lighting an indoor swimming pool. The very priority when installing the lighting setup is to ensure both safety of users and the audience. It’s a major requirement that the pool area and walking aisle for seats must be well illuminated so everyone can see what’s around them. Most importantly, the lighting must be able to control the surface reflection to allow the sports organizers to interact with the swimmers whenever experiencing difficulty in the pool. Due to the complexity of the sports, the lighting design must be involved as early as the start of the construction building.

Outdoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor sports saves a lot with lighting energy especially when the game commences at daytime. However at night, the need for perfect illumination is a must. There’s a lot that could happen when watching outdoor sports and it’s crucial that each of those important highlights are well emphasized. The audience must see what’s happening on the field. The same goes with the player, they have to see their teammates and opponents better.

Setting up a rugby field for example must have an even lighting over the entire ground. According to, the outdoor sports venue must make sure that the ball is also visible while providing good viewing environment for spectators and players. The lighting is also strict inorder to maintain a safe and enjoyable game experience.

The two outdoor setups might be different but still, they both share one thing – they need the best lighting. It’s the very requirement that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It involves the safety and efficiency of every sporting event and it’s just necessary to put this on top of the priority list.

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