5 Different Types Of Commercial LED Solar Street Lights

by George Pizzo

Street lights are crucial forms of lights available for any city or country to own. Its purpose mostly is to provide additional visibility during the night times. There are two common types of solar street lights available in the market. They include; solar home systems and commercial solar street lights. Additionally, commercial solar street lights come in various types. This article aims at informing you of the different types of commercial LED solar street lights available.

The different types of commercial LED solar street lights available

1. X4 series

The X4 series commercial solar street LED light design is frameless. It comes in two forms; they include X4 split type solar street light and X4 integrated type of solar street light. The X4 integrated design is an all-in-one type of integrated system. At the same time, the X4 split type of solar street light consists of a light head and solar panel that are adjustable depending on the sun’s intensity and direction. In addition, the X4 series combines a high-efficiency controller, double-sided solar panel, intelligent battery management system, and luminous LED module. Combining those elements ensures that the street light has a high efficiency rate, high conversion rate, intelligent system, and high illumination efficiency.

2. X4s series

The X4s series comes in two forms; the X4s all in 1 type of solar street light and the X4s split type solar street light. X4s all-in-one solar street light is easy to maintain and install; as the name suggests, it is an all-in-one system. X4s split type solar street light offers a flexible remedy to the solar street light system. The adjustable light head and solar panels allow for its flexibility. The frameless design in the X4s series assists in the maximum reduction of dirt accumulation on the panels. Furthermore, the X4s series has an original high-tensile bracket design that provides its consumer with reliability.

3. X5 series

Like in the X4 and X4s series, the X5 series also comes in X5 integrated solar street light and X5 split type solar street light. The X5 series is an integrated solar street light that is small-medium powered. It consists of a monocrystalline solar panel, LED lights, PIR motion sensor, lithium battery, and battery management system. The X5 series elements ensure that the street light is efficient, intelligent, has a long life, and is high-performance.

4. X5 PLUS series

The X5 series also comes in two types. That is the; X5 PLUS split type solar street lights and X5 PLUS all-in-one high power solar street lights. The X5 PLUS series is a solar street light that is medium-high powered. Its elements consist of; PIR motion sensor, intelligent battery control system, high-luminous LED, high-conversion solar panel, and a lithium-ion battery that is high capacity. The X5 PLUS features allow for the solar panel to be high-performance and efficient.

5. X5 Dual series

The X5 Dual series is a solar street light with dual panels. It also consists of two types that are the X5 PLUS split type dual-panel solar street lights and the X5 PLUS dual-panel solar street lights. The X5 Dual series consists of the X5 plus features plus a dual-panel.


The commercial solar street LED lights are best used in construction sites, rural streets, mine lots, industrial parks, car parks, and several other places. The best advantage of the commercial led solar street lights is that it is efficient, high performance, and has a high conversion rate.

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